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The Flantech Power Cell


The Flantech Power Cell System is a simple, powerful group structure that you create by personally sponsor FOUR Active Managers (each with at least 100 CV in personal volume per month) in your first level and helping them each to do the same.

This will give you 16 people in your second level. That is a total of 20 people in your Power Cell, with 2,000 CV in group volume. Your minimum guaranteed income will be RM700.

The Flantech Power Cell’s secret is superior Retention, creates building in depth with high Monthly Activity Level (M.A.L.) of up to 75%. The average industry is about 15%.



1. Your Cell consists of a nucleus (you) and a body of at least 100 CV in product volume each month.


2. You create a second nucleus by finding, sponsoring and training a new member.


3. When their personal volume reaches 100 CV or more, they become independent cells in your group.


4. Your Flantech network will continue dividing to multiply!