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The Income Generator Program



In the Income Generator Program, with the purchase of 100 CV, you will qualify as Active Manager. Active Manager receives Guarantee 15% of all first level CV and Guarantee 40% of all second level CV.

Most of the income (55%) – 15% Level One and 40% Level Two are compressed into the first two levels so you can earn worthwhile income, quickly. You get paid 267%. The 40% payout on level 2 encourages you to train and work with your first level people in order to build your second level (their first). They do the same. Let the ‘LOCK NUT’ SYSTEM be your most powerful sponsoring tool to train your downlines members.

Mould the ‘LOCK NUT’ MINDSET by working with your first level people to build your second level and teach them to do the same by example. This will lead you to achieve a true duplication.